KeepUp is no longer being offered as a service to end users. We are however offering the software for sale. You can buy as a service, or a source license. Please contact us for a test account and/or more details.

Branded Business Services

Our System, your Brand, get started today

Total Branding & Target Market Promotion

Our Service is highly customizable. This screenshot shows some of the key items you can customize. A typical technique for branding is to do what we call "Capping", replacing our main nav and footer with yours to give the look & feel of your system.

A - Your Title
B - Add your own logo and navigation bar
C - Customize the KeepUp navigation bar's items, color & position to match
D - Customze the categories you show your customers, pick one or more existing KeepUp categories, or have us create a new one for you.
E - Add your own custom footer.
F - Remove our advertisements and replace them with yours, or none.

Contact us for pricing and options on your total brand solution!

Co-Branded Offering

If you are looking for a quick, free way to add a world class reminder service to your suite of products, then our Co-Branded offering is for you.

Its very easy! You provide us with 3 images; we set you up as a KeepUp brand within 24 hours; and you link to us with a special URL.

Once your users are signed up with your brand, they will retain your branding no matter how they come back to the system.

Branded Emails & Text Messages

If you chose the Co-Branding option, your emails will have your brand in the header, but our advertisements on them (right).

If you chose the fully branded option, we can remove our advertisements and replace them with yours or none.(left)

All Email & Text alerts will contain your brand, and other critical alert information such as due date, title, notes, links to snooze the reminder and a handy small calendar to reference.

Contact us to get started today!